The Carnegie Collection Caudipteryx (2006)

Name: Caudipteryx
Species: Caudipteryx zoui?
First release: 2006
Retired: 2015
Model number: 4212-01
Size: 16cm
Scale: 1:5
Sculptor: Forest Rogers

Version: 1
Release: 2006
Material: Hard white vinyl
Paint: Matte. 8 colors. Black (back, stripes, beak, eye outlines, pupils); white (belly, stripes, spots); green (wash); pale blue (feet); blue (feathers, head, neck); red (throat, eye sockets); pink (mouth); gray (claws).
Stamp text: Carnegie Caudipteryx / (C) 2005 Safari Ltd., Miami, FL USA / Made in China / CE
CE mark: Large
TDR rating: 4/10

According to Randy Knoll, the Carnegie Caudipteryx was conceived of and sketched out in the early 2000s, prior to the release of the first feathered Carnegie dinosaur replica (Oviraptor). Safari apparently rejected the proposed model, feeling that the public was not yet ready to embrace feathered dinosaurs in a mass market retail release. Obviously, after the successful release of the Oviraptor, the idea was resurrected and the model put into production.