The Carnegie Collection Giganotosaurus (2008)

Photo from the 2008 Safari Ltd. catalog.

Name: Giganotosaurus
Species: Giganotosaurus carolinii
First release: 2008
Retired: 2015
Model number: 4122-01
Size: 36 cm long
Advertised scale: 1:40
Actual scale: 1:35
Sculptor: Forest Rogers

Version: 1
Release: 2008
Material: Hard light gray vinyl
Paint: Matte & glossy. 8 colors. Gray (top, claws); olive green (stripes); white (teeth, underside, flanks); pink (mouth); red (horns); gold (eyes); black (pupils); navy blue (wash).
Stamp text: On belly. Left-aligned: Carnegie Giganotosaurus / (C) 2007 Safari Ltd., Miami, FL / Made in China / CE
CE mark: Large.
TDR rating: 3/10

The Carnegie Collection Giganotosaurus dinosaur model debuted towards the end of the line, and does not appear to have been issued in any significant variants during the seven years it was in production, except the standard changes in tag style. Though its scale was advertised as 1:40, it is closer to 1:35 like the later editions of T. rex, with a 5cm skull corresponding to a 1.8m skull in the largest known fossil specimen. Like most post-2007 Carnegie figures, it was made of hard plastic and therefore somewhat prone to breakage. I have seen several samples in various collections and for sale on eBay that are missing fingers or toes.

The model combines a mostly matte paint job with some glossy highlight areas, particularly the dark gray paint used on the back and the top of the head.


  1. Another later production model that is starting to command formidable prices on eBay, if fully intact. This should not come as a surprise, as it is a masterpiece sculpt by Ms. Rogers, typical of her creations from this era. It scales very well with the newer Wild Safari model issued to replace it in 2017, being somewhat similar in color and in certain respects (paint quality application, sculpt detail) superior.


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