The Carnegie Collection Psittacosaurus (1999)

Name: Psittacosaurus
Species: Psittacosaurus mongoliensis
First release: 1999
Retired: 2004
Model number: 4034-01
Size: 20 cm long
Scale: 1:10
Sculptor: Forest Rogers

Version: 1
Release: 1999
Material: Medium weight beige vinyl
Paint: Glossy. 7 colors. Brown (back, highlights); dark brown (stripes, toes, fingers, beak); cream (head, stripes); beige (wash); yellow (eyes); black (pupils); pink (mouth).
Stamp text: On belly. Left-aligned: PSITTACOSAURUS/ (C) 1998 THE CARNEGIE / Safari Ltd., Miami, FL / Made in China / 4034-01 / CE
CE mark: Large
TDR rating: 2/10

The Carnegie Collection Psittacosaurus was a relatively short-lived addition to the line, debuting in stores at the end of 1998 and being pulled from production just five years later. As a result, no major variants of this dinosaur exist. It may have been pulled due to the discovery of quill-like feathers on a specimen of Psittacosaurus in 2002. Psittacosaurus was the first 1:10 scale model in the line (the previously retired prehistoric mammals being 1:15 scale).