The Carnegie Collection Woolly Mammoth (2003)

Name: Woolly Mammoth
Species: Mammuthus primigenius
First release: 2003
Retired: 2015
Model number: 4042-01
Size: 13cm shoulder height
Scale: 1:30
Sculptor: Forest Rogers

Version: 1
Release: 2003
Material: Hard dark brown vinyl
Paint: Matte. 3 colors. Brown (ears, nails, trunk, eyes, wash); off-white (tusks); black (pupils).
Stamp text: MAMMOTH / (C) 2002 THE CARNEGIE / Safari Ltd., Miami, FL / Made in China / CE
CE mark: Large
TDR rating: 4/10

Though this model was advertised as 1:30 scale, it is closer to 1:25 scale unless you assume an unusually large individual. The Wild Safari Woolly Mammoth which was released the following year is closer to 1:40 or 1:45 scale. Ironically, the 2007 release of the Carnegie Woolly Mammoth erroneously included a photo of the Wild Safari version on its tag! As you can see in the photo below, later releases fixed this issue.

This model was in production through 2015, but did not receive any updates to its mold or paint scheme, so the only available variants are the different tag styles.

Original tag incorrectly featuring the 2004 Wild Safari mammoth (left) vs. revised tag.