The Carnegie Collection Dimetrodon (2001)

Name: Dimetrodon
Species: Dimetrodon grandis
First release: 2001
Retired: 2015
Model number: 4038-01
Size: 20cm
Advertised scale: 1:10
Actual scale: 1:15
Sculptor: Forest Rogers

Version: 1
Release: 2001
Status: Original
Material: Medium weight dark brown vinyl
Paint: Glossy. 6 colors. Yellow (sail, spots, face); cream (underside, sail highlights, eye markings, teeth); brown (sail base, wash); pink (mouth); gold (eyes); black (pupils).
Stamp text: On belly. Centered: Dimetrodon / (C) 2001 The Carnegie / Safari Ltd, Miami, FL / Made in China / 4038-01 / CE
CE mark: Small.
TDR rating: 1/10

The original Carnegie Dimetrodon was produced from 1989 to 1997, for a total of eight years. Another four years would pass before the Carnegie and Safari released this larger-scale update. By this time, Safari had moved away from producing any very small models in their main line, reserving these for the Authentics and later Toob series. As a result, the new 2001 Dimetrodon was much larger, at 1:15 scale rather than 1:40, and featured more detail and a more elaborate paint job than the previous small green version. This model was in production for 14 years, almost twice the run of the original, and consequently is very common on the secondary market today. It also seems to have not received any major updates to its tooling during those years.


  1. I would say that there are at least 2 color versions but otherwise no major changes


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