The Carnegie Collection Acrocanthosaurus (2001)

Name: Acrocanthosaurus
Species: Acrocanthosaurus atokensis
First release: 2001
Retired: 2015
Model number: 4039-01
Advertised scale: 1:40
Actual scale:
Sculptor: Forest Rogers

Version: 1
Release: 2001
Status: Original
Material: Medium weight light green vinyl
Paint: Matte. 7 colors. Dark gray (back); light gray (sides); black (stripes, claws, pupils); yellow (spots); pink (mouth, nostrils); white (teeth); gold (eyes).
Stamp text: On belly. Left-aligned: Acrocanthosaurus / (C) 2000 The Carnegie / Safari Ltd., Miami, FL / Made in China / 4039-01 / CE
TDR rating: 2/10


  1. There appears to be a green version as per Everything Dinosaurs "Rare Dinosaur Discovered"

    1. I've never seen a green version. I checked the ED article and they look like standard early production run (early 2000s era tags) gray versions, I think the lighting is just a little yellow. Not saying they don't exist, but I'd have to see a clear example before adding it here.

  2. Aren't there more versions- I've recently seen 2 different, apparently, green versions? Just asking.


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