The Carnegie Collection Oviraptor (2005)

Name: Oviraptor
Species: Oviraptor philoceratops
First release: 2005
Retired: 2009
Model number: 4046-01
Scale: 1:10
Sculptor: Forest Rogers

It is interesting to note that this is one of the few "Oviraptor" figures available that is not clearly based on Citipati. The crest of this model is similar to Citipati osmolskae, but not an exact match, and it is not based on the "classic" version of Oviraptor, the Zamyn Kont species known as "Citipati sp.".

Version: 1
Release: 2005
Status: Original
Paint: Matte. 7 colors.White (underside); black (pupils); red (throat); yellow (crest, beak); blue (head); pink (mouth); gold (eyes); gray (skin wash).
Stamp text: Left-aligned.
CE mark: Large
TDR rating: 2/10