The Carnegie Collection Sinraptor (2004)

Name: Sinraptor
Species: Sinraptor dongi
First release: 2004
Retired: 2009
Model number: 4045-01
Size: 18cm
Advertised scale: 1:40
Actual scale: 1:40
Sculptor: Forest Rogers

Version: 1
Release: 2004
Status: Original
Material: Hard white vinyl
Paint: Matte. 9 colors. Light brown (back); golden brown (sides); beige (face, underside); dark gray (hands, feet, spots); pink (mouth); cream (teeth); red (eyelids); gold (eyes); black (pupils).
Stamp text: On belly. Left-aligned: SINRAPTOR / (C) 2003 Carnegie Collection / Safari Ltd., Miami, FL / Made in China / CE
CE mark: Large, on leg.
TDR rating: 8/10

The Sinraptor is one of the few Carnegie Collection replicas designed to balance on two feet with its tail held horizontally. As a result, the feet are slightly enlarged and flattened. It is also one of the last small-scale theropods in the line, being around the size of the earlier Dilophosaurus. Interestingly, it also returns to the fully-painted style with no color vinyl. Maybe its small size allowed a larger budget for paint application. It is fairly uncommon on the secondary market today, having only been in production for five years before its retirement.

This version came from a Carnegie Mountain display. You can see the tail was glued to a wall, resulting in a chunk of plastic being removed. This reveals the model is made of bright white plastic and is therefore fully painted. This, combined with a more detailed paint application, suggests it is a prototype/display version made specifically for the mountain display or leftover from an early/initial production run.

Photo by Zero Cannard.

Version: 2
Release: c. 2005
Status: Minor repaint
Material: ?
Paint: Matte. 7 colors. Golden brown (body); dark brown (spots); pink (mouth); cream (teeth); red (eyelids); gold (eyes); black (pupils).
Stamp text: ?
CE mark: Large, on leg.
TDR rating: 5/10

The second, more common variant of Sinraptor has a less detailed and lighter paint application, lacking dark gray on the hands and feet. The original darker version is closer to prototype photos and may have been specific to 2005-era Carnegie Mountain stands.

Version: 3
Release: c. 2007
Status: Minor repaint
Material: ?
Paint: Matte. 7 colors. Dark brown (body, arms, feet); beige (underside); pink (mouth); cream (teeth); red (eyelids); gold (eyes); black (pupils).
Stamp text: ?
CE mark: Large, on leg.
TDR rating: 6/10

The third version of sinraptor has a much darker paint application, though still simpler overall than the original. The sports on the side are obscured by a wash of dark brown paint over the entire top of the figure. The tag style in this photo suggests it is a 2007 era release.


  1. Mine looks quite different than this one. Yours has a darker paint application, the hands and feet are black. I'd say yours looks more like the prototype than most. Maybe it's because it was from a store display?

    1. Interesting! Could be a result of being from a store display for sure. The orange Stegosaurus I have with white plates also likely came from a (unglued) store display, is relatively rare, and looks closer to prototype photos. I'll have to add a second version for this if I can find photos of a lighter version.

    2. Here's a pic of mine

  2. I have one at present and had another previously. Both are the same as Patrick's one, so that may be a more common type.


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