The Carnegie Collection Microraptor (2006)

Name: Microraptor
Species: Microraptor gui
First release: 2006
Retired: 2015
Model number: 4050-01
Size: 17.5 cm long
Advertised scale: 1:5
Actual scale: 1:6
Sculptor: Forest Rogers

Version: 1
Release: 2006
Material: Hard light beige vinyl
Paint: Matte. 8 colors. Black (stripes, spots, pupils, claw tips); red-orange (wings, tail); orange (stripes); salmon (airbrush wash); white (face, teeth); pink (mouth); gray (claws), gold (eyes).
Stamp text: Carnegie Microraptor / (C) 2005 Safari Ltd., Miami, FL USA / Made in China / CE
CE mark: Large
TDR rating: 3/10

The Carnegie Microraptor was released at the same time as several other models based on then-recently discovered Chinese feathered dinosaur species. The model is relatively large for such a small species, and at 1:5 scale, it is not in scale with most of the rest of this wave, except the very large Caudipteryx, which is also 1:5. The wing proportions and configuration seem to be pretty clearly based on the initial diagrams found in the description of M. gui. This replica is no longer accurate for several reasons, most notably the color - we know know Microraptor had mainly black feathers, a discovery reflected in the more recent Wild Safari version sculpted by Doug Watson. However, this discovery post-dates the release of this model, and the striking orange striped color seen here was a perfectly reasonable guess in 2005.

Like Caudipteryx, I have not yet noticed any kind of paint variants released during the 10 year production run of this replica. You can see that my sample was produced in May 2014 based on the manufacturing stamp as well as the 2010s Wild Safari tag style, making it probably close to the last batch ever made.