About the Terrible Dactyl Rarity Rating

It can be a difficult job to determine how rare a particular model or variant is when it comes to niche, discontinued by relatively modern toy lines like Safari's Carnegie Collection. Often, sellers on eBay and other collectibles stores will price figures almost randomly, or look at similar but not identical models to inform prices. In order to help collectors get a general feel for how rare a particular model is, I have developed an informal rating system for use on this site: The TDR rating (Terrible Dactyl Rarity rating).

Please keep in mind that this is by no means exact, and is totally based on my own subjective experiences with the collector's market - it is subject to revision both as model rarities change and as I get more information. My goal with this rating system is just to provide a general idea of how rare a model is. This will hopefully help collectors, particularly those new to the line, decide when to wait for better deals to appear and when to jump on  model despite a high price tag.

Here is an overview of the TDR rating scale:

Very common, readily available in good condition from a variety of sources at low prices.

Easy to find, but often for inflated prices or in poor condition. Worth the short wait for a good deal.

Relatively common, but not at constant availability and sometimes at elevated prices. Some patience required to find a good deal.


Uncommon, especially at decent prices or in good condition.



Hard to find. Patience is required but will usually be rewarded. Pops up on the collectibles market every few months, but the price may be high when it does.

Rarely seen on the collectibles market, may have to wait a few months to find one, longer if you want a good price or good condition.

Very rare. Appears on the market very infrequently (once every 6-12 months at best).

May or may not ever exist on the collectibles market again, so don't hold your breath. Includes prototypes and other items that were never readily available for sale or widely released.