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4/4/2024: Added new items to the Catalogs page, as well as general housekeeping/updating release years and numbering for various models.
4/2/2024: Updates the introduction sections of some pages (BrachiosaurusAllosaurusTyrannosaurusStegosaurus) with a better summary of main color differences with new comparison photos.
3/30/2024: Uploaded higher-resolution scans of the 1990 Schleich Toy Fair Catalog on the Catalogs page, and updated photos on relevant model pages.
3/19/2024: Various tweaks and photo additions, new variants added to Smilodon page.
3/2/2024: Added the Our Collections page.
1/20/2024: Further updates to Plateosaurus, as well as the addition of pages from a 1998 Safari Ltd. catalog and additional scans from the 1994 catalog to the Catalogs page.
1/19/2024: Big update to the Plateosaurus page with several new variants now recognized.
1/6/2024: Updated several pages with new photos and in some cases newly recognized variants: TylosaurusDiplodocusBrachiosaurusAllosaurusApatosaurus Baby. Coming soon: A major update to Plateosaurus and its variants!
1/2/2024: Updated the Allosaurus page with recognition of the two different molds used for the first sculpt.
12/5/2023: Added a late variant of Miragaia.
11/10/2023: Added clearer photos to the gloss wash Apatosaurus, and comparison photos showing differences between the matte and glossy versions of Tylosaurus.
11/9/2023: Added several new variants and comparison photos of the green, mold 1 Apatosaurus and mold 2 Dimetrodon.
9/9/2023: Added several new photos of early rubber/primary paint variants to Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, Tyrannosaurus, and Dimetrodon.
9/4/2023: Updated the Tylosaurus page with new variants and comparison photos.
8/31/2023: Updated the 2009 Spinosaurus page with a newly recognized variant and additional photos.
8/15/2023: Updated the 2000 Triceratops page and Baryonyx page with newly recognized variants.
7/27/2023: Updated the Beipiaosaurus page with a more colorful, later variant.
7/13/2023: Updated the Parasaurolophus page with new images and revised descriptions for a few early variants.
7/2/2023: Updated the Diplodocus page with new photos of the third mold.
6/27/2023: Updated the Brachiosaurus  and Tyrannosaurus pages with some new photos.
6/22/2023: Updated the original  Diplodocus page with an improved breakdown of paint changes and timeline.
6/17/2023: Added a page for the remade 2012 Brachiosaurus.
6/3/2023: Added new photos to the Smilodon page. Updated the info stamp page with more precise terminology. Replacing the term "stamp" with "info text" or "embossing" will be gradually implemented site-wide to better reflect the nature of the info text and manufacturing process.
5/31/2023: Updated the Brachiosaurus page with a newly recognized monochrome variant, plus a blue vinyl version added to Diplodocus.
5/15/2023: General update to release dates of 1988-1996 models based on a more detailed / revised timeline of info stamp changes.
5/13/2023: Added newly recognized variants to the Albertosaurus page, Apatosaurus Baby page, and Pteranodon  page.
4/3/2023: Added new variants and reorganized the original T. rex page.
3/19/2023: Added photos and writeup for a newly recognized 1988 variant of Apatosaurus, and new photos to the 1988 Allosaurus. Also added an updated photo of my personal Dinosaur Mountain to the Models page!
3/10/2023: Added photos of the brass bootleg Stegosaurus to the Knockoffs page.
2/28/2023: Added a few newly identified minor variants to Stegosaurus and Spinosaurus.
9/18/2022: Added several previously unrecognized variants to the Dimetrodon and Diplodocus (2008) pages.
5/15/2022: Added info and photos about a retooled 1992 era mold for Diplodocus.
4/23/2022: Added a newly-found variant of Triceratops, which is the closest yet to the original prototype.
4/16/2022: Big update to the Stegosaurus page including new photos of the elusive revised mold classic color version.
4/15/2022: Updated the Deinosuchus page with a newly recognized 2012 era variant.
4/9/2022: Updates to the Brachiosaurus page.
4/1/2022: Major updates to the Smilodon and Apatosaurus pages.
3/19/2022: Updates to the History section with new photos, and updates to the Collector's Guides section with new photos of the 1989 Schleich "gold wash" brochure (this was previously listed on the catalog page, but it is more properly a collector guide/informational leaflet). Also updated all of the 1988 prototype images for models 00-17 with higher res photos.
3/4/2022: Updated Stegosaurus and Pteranodon with new information and photos.
2/27/2022: Updated the terminology page with additional group photos of the various early color variant styles.
2/26/2022: Big update to the Mosasaurus page, including the addition of some early production models.
1/22/222: Updated the Ankylosaurus and Maiasaura w/ Nest pages with a new new minor paint variants, and added new photos and styles to the Boxes page.
12/4/2021: Big (and somewhat confusing, unfortunately) update to the Dilophosaurus page. Very difficult to make sense of mold tweaks across two concurrent but distinct models...
12/2/2021: A few more new photos added to the Safari Limited Edition Velociraptor page.
11/14/2021: Big update to the Safari Limited Edition Velociraptor page. Added photos of more variants and re-organized with recognition of the second mold. Added imprint information for models that were missing it.
10/21/2021: Updated the Stegosaurus page with more orange/black variants and revised color lists. Added new photos and variants to Maiasaura and Allosaurus.
10/17/2021: Updated the Mosasaurus page with new photos and a revised version history.
5/19/2021: We're gonna need a bigger mountain! Added weight measurements to various Brachiosaurus variants, other sauropods to follow soon. (Classic color mold 1 in black PVC substrate is heaviest, in case you were wondering).
5/11/2021: Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus (original) pages updated with new photos and revised numbering.
4/11/2021: Updated various 1988 gold wash and catalog variants with revised info and new photos. Added info to the Display Stands page and Terminology page.
4/8/2021: Updates to the Display Stand, Catalogs, and Boxes pages with new info and photos.
3/22/2021: Big update to the Apatosaurus Baby page with lots of new photos and a revision of variants. Also added photos of the 2007 Brachiosaurus repaint.
1/11/2020: I have updated several of the original run Carnegie pages with new variants and photos over the past few days. The big update today is the addition of a Boxes / Packaging page.
12/23/2020: Updated the Tags page with a more detailed breakdown of variants as well as information about the original diploma paper tags.
12/14/2020: Updated Dimetrodon and Deinonychus. Both now list their original and revised product numbers, with photos of their 1996 era color tags. Also added new section to the "Tags" page featuring the rare American Museum of Natural History branded tag style.
10/4/2020: Updated the 2007 Stegosaurus, 2007 Allosaurus, and 1988 Allosaurus pages with new variants and photos.
9/17/2020: Updated the original Allosaurus page with some new photos and additional information on plastic material variations.
8/8/2020: Big update to the Diplodocus (#410) page with an improved breakdown of variants and their possible chronological order and more images.
6/29/2020: Added new photos and updated chronology for several 1988 models. Added a timeline to the History page.
6/27/2020: At long last... the 2009 version of Spinosaurus has been added to the Models page.
6/26/2020: There is now a dedicated page about the different "mold groups", or uniform changes to the molds of the original 17 models. I have also updated the Display Stands page and added a new early variant of Tyrannosaurus rex. 
6/19/2020: I have added a new page devoted to product catalogs featuring Carnegie Collection dinosaurs. This will be updated as I find time to scan more!
6/15/2020: Published an in-depth look at the terminology used on this site and the nature/history of the "gold wash" variants. http://carnegiecollection.blogspot.com/2020/06/terminology.html
6/11/2020: Updated the numbering and mold/paint versions for Stegosaurus, Pteranodon, and Apatosaurus Baby, including new photos for Pteranodon.
5/23/2020: Added new photos and variants for Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops.
5/22/2020: Added new photos and variants for Brachiosaurus and Parasaurolophus.
5/11/2020: Added a new version of the repainted Elasmosaurus, added info and photo for the 1993 Carnegie Dinosaur Terrain playset.
5/8/2020: Added a few strange variants of the original Parasaurolophus that are missing various letters from their imprint stamps.
5/6/2020: Added new photos, information, and numbering for the early 2nd gen variants of Stegosaurus.
5/5/2020: Added new versions of the original Triceratops, added more information and photos of the Mini Carnegie Dinos to the Related Lines page.
4/19/2020: Added new photos for the glow in the dark version of the Safari Limited Edition Velociraptor, the color vinyl Apatosaurus, and the original Spinosaurus.
4/12/2020: Added several new versions with comparison photos for the original Carnegie Spinosaurus.
4/10/2020: Added new photos and updated descriptions for the 2000s repainted versions of Allosaurus and Stegosaurus.
4/5/2020: Added a full review for Quetzalcoatlus. More to come! Also added a new variant for Dilong and a few new photos for different repaint variants including Parasaurolophus.
4/4/2020: Added new pages for Microraptor, Concavenator, and the 2014 T. rex. Also added new photos for versions of Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus Baby, Australopithecus Male, and Pachycephalosaurus.
1/4/2020: Added new photos for the 2007 repaint versions of Carnotaurus, Triceratops, and Pteranodon.
12/30/2019: Added a page for Amargasaurus in the Models section.
12/29/2019: Added a new page dedicated to Carnegie Knockoffs and Collector's Guides. Also updated the Info Stamp page with a quick guide to DOP (Date of Production) marks.
12/28/2019: Added a new color variant for Tyrannosaurus, which appears to be the earliest version of the "classic" color scheme.
12/27/2019: Added new color variants for Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Apatosaurus Baby.
12/5/2019: Added info and photos for early versions of Allosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Euoplocephalus, and Deinonychus.
12/2/2019: Updated information and added new photos for the following pages Elasmosaurus, Apatosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Tanystropheus, Velociraptor, Parasaurolophus. Added new page for Albertosaurus.
11/27/2019: Updated the 1993 Velociraptor page with many previously unlisted minor variants.
10/29/2019: Added a page dedicated to the 1993 Safari Ltd. Velociraptor.
10/28/2019: Added Diplodocus (2008), Oviraptor (2005), and Beipiaosaurus. Still missing some info but I wanted to at least get their photos up.
10/16/2019: Added Sinraptor and Dimetrodon v. 2. Also additional variants of the 1st gen Allosaurus and Parasaurolophus.
10/12/2019: Updated the info for, and added new photos to, Elasmosaurus and Tyrannosaurus (1988).
9/26/2019: Corrected some info on Pteranodon and straightened out the version numbers and images.
9/21/2019: Added entries for Cryolophosaurus and the 2015 Velociraptor.
9/20/2019 - Added new comparison photos to the original Tyrannosaurus model page.
9/9/2019 - Added new photos of several intermediate model versions including Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, Triceratops, and Deinosuchus.
8/31/2019 - Added version status and rarity rating to each model. Added additional versions of Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus.

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